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Wine School

The world of wine can be very complicated. What are the differences between wines and how to identify these differences? What to expect from the wine inside the bottle? How to choose the right wine? How to pairing wine and food in the best way?
Fondo Gionino Wine School offers some simple answers to these questions. You will be introduced to the main types and styles of wine, principal grape varieties, some simple rules of wine storage and service. 
Lesson 1

What is Wine?

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made with the fermented juice of grapes. The grapes are crushed to release their sweet juice. Alcoholic fermentation changes the grape juice into wine.

Lesson 2

Growing Grapes

A grape is a fruit, botanically a berry, produced by grape vines. Most grape vines produce a significant amount of fruit a couple of years after they are planted. Once they reach maturity, they produce a crop of grapes every year.

Lesson 3

Making Wines

Wine making is something that has been done from thousands of years. It is not just an art but there is also a lot of science involved in the process.

Lesson 4

Types and Styles of Wine

There are three types of wine: Still Wines, Sparking Wines, Fortified Wines.

Lesson 5

Principal Grape Varieties

Grape varieties are basically different types of grapes, each with its own taste, smell and look. Only a small number of grape varieties have established a global reputation. The principal white grape varieties are: CHARDONNAY, SAUVIGNON BLANC, PINOT GRIGIO, RIESLING.

The principal red grape varieties are: CABERNET SAUVIGNON, MERLOT, PINOT NOIR, SYRAH/SHIRAZ

Lesson 6

The Most Popular Wines

Everyone has their own personal favorites. But there are wine types that are known as the most popular in the world. Usually they are named after the region they are produced.

Italian Wines from Fondo Gionino

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