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Growing Grapes

A grape is a fruit, botanically a berry, produced by grape vines. Most grape vines produce a significant amount of fruit a couple of years after they are planted.  Once they reach maturity, they produce a crop of grapes every year.
A cluster of grape vine flowers is made up of many individual flowers and each flower will become a grape.
As grapes ripen, a number of changes occur:
1. The grapes swell with water;
2. Sugar levels in the grapes rise;
3. Acid levels in the grapes fall;
4. Flavors become riper;
5. White grapes change in color from green to purple.

Where Grapes Grow

Grape vines are adaptable plants and can grow in many places. However, to grow and produce good quality fruit they need the well-drained soil, along with plenty of sunshine and heat. But at the same time the best climate regions for good grape harvest are areas where the winter is cold enough for them to rest.
The latitudes on the globe that provide the grapes with the correct amount of sunlight, heat and water are marked on the map above.

Regions with cool climates

Include Germany and northern France. It is common to grow white grapes there. The average temperatures are low and the sunlight can be weaker than in regions nearer the Equator. This means that it can be a struggle to ripen grapes and that crops and the vine itself can be severely damaged in the winter and spring.

Regions with warm climates

Include Mediterranean, parts of Australia and parts of California where the average temperatures are high, the sunlight is more intense, and grapes ripen consistently. The warm climates produce grapes with more ripe fruit flavors and less acidity. It is common to grow black grapes here.
Generally speaking, the grapes' flavors and taste riper in warmer climates. The colder climate it is, the lower the levels of sugar and the higher the levels of acidity in the grapes. The warmer climate it is, the higher the levels of sugar and the lower the levels of acidity in the grapes.

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