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Italian Bread Dipping Oil Recipe: A Taste of Calabria www.Fondo Gionino,com

Italian Bread Dipping Oil Recipe: A Taste of Calabria

Imagine a sun-drenched terrace in Calabria, Italy with a warm spring breeze carrying the gentle scents of the sea and olive blossoms. A bottle of our finest Fondo Gionino organic extra virgin olive oil sits on the table, waiting to transform your meal into a Mediterranean feast.

Ready to bring that Italian magic to your kitchen? Let us share with you this fun and flavorful Italian bread dipping oil recipe!

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How to get olive oil out of clothes? Fondo Gionino

How to get olive oil out of clothes?

You're savoring a delightful meal when you notice it: an olive oil stain on your clothes or tablecloth. What now?

The essential steps to remove olive oil from clothes include prompt action, blotting the stain, and using a detergent solution before washing. There are both standard and traditional methods, along with a few important details to consider.
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Does balsamic vinegar go bad?

Does balsamic vinegar go bad?

This is a question that we’re asked frequently. Yes, balsamic vinegar can go bad over time, but if stored properly, it can last for several years.

It should be kept in a cool, dark place, away from heat and direct sunlight. Additionally, ensuring the bottle is tightly sealed after each use helps maintain its freshness and flavor. We went straight to the source for an answer: our partners at San Donnino Acetaia (Balsamic Vinegar farm) in Modena, Italy.
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What is EVOO?   www.fondo.gionino.com

What is EVOO?

You've likely heard "EVOO" on cooking shows or seen it in ingredients lists. But what's its origin and meaning?

EVOO stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the highest grade of olive oil. A special process involving the first cold pressing of pure, unaltered olives without additives and at temperatures not exceeding 27°C (80°F) makes olive oil extra virgin. It must be free of defects with an acidity below 0.8%. EVOO retains more vitamins and antioxidants due to minimal processing.
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