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We are a Boutique Producer of

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is organic! We do not use chemicals, hormones, genetically modified organisms or any other substances that may be harmful to our olives, our trees, our land, or the environment.

Certifies Fondo Gionino Extra Virgin Olive Oil as organic!

But what exactly does this label mean for our customers?

First and foremost, it represents our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. Each product carrying the Bio European Green Label meets rigorous organic and ecological standards, ensuring that it's not only good for you but also for the planet.

Grossa di Gerace

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from the finest Geracese olives, or “Grossa di Gerace” which are a native variety from Calabria. The drupes (or individual olives) are elliptical and, when they begin to form, are light green in color. As ripening progresses, they begin to turn violet and finally black.

Each individual olive weighs, on average, just under one ounce, of which approximately 20% is extracted as oil. ​The remaining by product, olive pulp or olive cake, can be used as a heat source in furnaces or can be pressed into briquettes for fireplaces.

Traditional Mediterranean Products we offer You

Italian Bread Dipping Oil Recipe: A Taste of Calabria www.Fondo Gionino,com

Italian Bread Dipping Oil Recipe: A Taste of Calabria

Imagine a sun-drenched terrace in Calabria, Italy with a warm spring breeze carrying the gentle scents of the sea and olive blossoms. A bottle of our finest Fondo Gionino organic extra virgin olive oil sits on the table, waiting to transform your meal into a Mediterranean feast.

Ready to bring that Italian magic to your kitchen? Let us share with you this fun and flavorful Italian bread dipping oil recipe!

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How to get olive oil out of clothes? Fondo Gionino

How to get olive oil out of clothes?

You're savoring a delightful meal when you notice it: an olive oil stain on your clothes or tablecloth. What now?

The essential steps to remove olive oil from clothes include prompt action, blotting the stain, and using a detergent solution before washing. There are both standard and traditional methods, along with a few important details to consider.
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Does balsamic vinegar go bad?

Does balsamic vinegar go bad?

This is a question that we’re asked frequently. Yes, balsamic vinegar can go bad over time, but if stored properly, it can last for several years.

It should be kept in a cool, dark place, away from heat and direct sunlight. Additionally, ensuring the bottle is tightly sealed after each use helps maintain its freshness and flavor. We went straight to the source for an answer: our partners at San Donnino Acetaia (Balsamic Vinegar farm) in Modena, Italy.
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