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We are a Boutique Producer of

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is organic! We do not use chemicals, hormones, genetically modified organisms or any other substances that may be harmful to our olives, our trees, our land, or the environment.

Certifies Fondo Gionino Extra Virgin Olive Oil as organic!

But what exactly does this label mean for our customers?

First and foremost, it represents our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. Each product carrying the Bio European Green Label meets rigorous organic and ecological standards, ensuring that it's not only good for you but also for the planet.

Grossa di Gerace

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from the finest Geracese olives, or “Grossa di Gerace” which are a native variety from Calabria. The drupes (or individual olives) are elliptical and, when they begin to form, are light green in color. As ripening progresses, they begin to turn violet and finally black.

Each individual olive weighs, on average, just under one ounce, of which approximately 20% is extracted as oil. ​The remaining by product, olive pulp or olive cake, can be used as a heat source in furnaces or can be pressed into briquettes for fireplaces.

Traditional Mediterranean Products We Offer

Can Cats Eat Olives

Can Cats Eat Olives

Cats are drawn to olives because they contain isoprenoids, similar to nepetalactone in catnip. This can cause euphoric reactions, though typically cats prefer the smell to the taste.

While olives are non-toxic, frequent consumption can lead to sodium poisoning, and olive pits can be a choking hazard. If your cat loves olives, offer them sparingly, ensuring the pit is removed and the olive is sliced.

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Avocado Oil vs. Olive Oil, Which Oil is Healthier?

Avocado Oil vs. Olive Oil, Which Oil is Healthier?

Both avocado oil and olive oil offer unique benefits, making them excellent additions to a healthy diet. Incorporating both into your cooking routine can provide a balanced range of flavors and nutrients.

To better understand the specific qualities of avocado oil and olive oil, we invite you to explore their unique advantages in this article.

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Italian Olive Oil

Why Choose Italian Olive Oil

When it comes to selecting olive oil, the choices can seem endless. But why is Italian olive oil the preferred choice for chefs and home cooks alike?

While olive oils from various regions have unique flavors and benefits, Italian Olive Oil is often the preferred choice due to its renowned reputation, diverse flavors, strict quality control, and strong culinary influence. The "Made in Italy" (Prodotto Italiano) label signifies a prestigious commitment to quality, tradition, and authenticity, extending beyond mere branding.

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