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Pasta Paccheri Rigate

$8.00 USD

Paccheri Rigate is a type of large, wide pasta that originated in Southern Italy, particularly in the Campania region. The name "paccheri" is derived from the Italian word "paccari," which means "slap" or "smack." The pasta is characterized by its large, tube-like shape and wide diameter. "Rigate" refers to the ridges or lines on the pasta's surface, which are designed to enhance its ability to hold sauces.

Paccheri is often used in dishes where the pasta needs to hold robust and chunky sauces. The large tubes provide ample space for rich and hearty sauces to cling to the pasta, creating a satisfying and flavorful bite.

Common pairings for paccheri include ragùs, seafood-based sauces, and thick vegetable sauces. Due to its size and shape, paccheri is also suitable for baked pasta dishes, where the tubes can trap and hold layers of sauce, cheese, and other ingredients.